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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back from hibernation

Hi guys, iosmk's back from his hibernation lol. I've been very busy with my school work till i barely have time to update this blog. So......I will announce what I'm going to do soon.

Firstly ~~~~

Local tournament

Hosted by = ME
Location = Elsie card shop(5 min walk from hougang MRT station)
Date and time = 22 March (Tuesday), 2.30 P.M
Entrance Fee = $5
Format = 4-7 participants -> single elimination
more than 8 -> Swiss 3 to 5 rounds

Prize Pool (if there are 4 to 7 participants)=
-Scrap twin dragon Ultra rare
-Konami 1st layer protector

Prize Pool (if there are 8 participants or more)=
- Power tool dragon 3D
- Scrap twin dragon Ultra rare
- 3 booster pack OCG
- Konami 1st layer protector


1, Following March 2011 Banlist and cards from any language is allowed.
2, No proxies and fake cards is allowed during the tournament.
3, Main deck, max : 60 min : 40.
Side deck, max : 15 min : 0.
Extra deck, max : 15 min : 0.
4, If you are caught cheating, you will be counted lost to that match and lost your chance of winning by getting disqualified.
5, For cards like synchros and fusions, please take them out when playing and send them to graveyard etc. when needed.
6, Judges have the right to disqualify if the participants disobey the rules
7, Any card ruling problems should be asked to the judges, the another host.
8, If you lost, please don't go yet. We might create some sudden event whereas the losers may have a chance to win something else.
10, If there are much response from the participants, more prizes will be waiting.
11, Standard Konami ruling during the gameplay.

Secondly ~~~~

As we, ygoonthespot members are willing to help our readers, we accept the job called deck building. This is free for all of our readers. All you need to do is just to help us spread around this blog so that more and more people will know our blog. We promise to the readers, that the deck which they want to build, will be stable and will be tested during some duels with public.

Thirdly ~~~~

Congratulations to =
1. Jeff -> representing Singapore for Asian Championship in Malaysia
2. Adam Nazarui -> representing Indonesia for Asian Championship in Malaysia

Good luck to all the representatives of each country. All the best

Lastly ~~~~

I'm planning to sell all my cards and decks since i'm retiring soon. For further details, please add me in facebook or e-mail me.

facebook =
email =


~Never give up~

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